The Stockwell Family Association was founded more than twenty years ago by people who share the common ancestor name "Stockwell".  They joined together to exchange genealogical information, share current news about family matters, have an annual family reunion, and promote pride in the Stockwell name.  Although interest has been primarily focused on Stockwells' in America, they have also welcomed information about persons with this name in other countries.​Type your paragraph here.

This year's Stockwell Family Gathering will be at Sutton Massachusetts on July 28th thru the 30th with the Stockwell Family Association's annual meeting on the 29th.
It will be held at the ​Cong. Church on the common in Sutton center from
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Which Stockwell line includes your ancestors?​
Three main lines of Stockwell families can be found in the American records - descendants of Quinton Stockwell (b. ca 1640), William Stockwell (b. ca 1650, or James Stockwell (b. 1726). Genealogies of each of these lines are available for purchase.  See Books for information on how to obtain copies.

There are also 145 shorter Stockwell family lines and individuals to the American records that are not related to the three main lines.  

Help in determining which line you belong to is available from our database of more than 11,000 Stockwell names.  Send an e-mail request, including information on your earliest known ancestors (dates of birth , where resided, etc. ) to 

About the Stockwell Family Association